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We want to present to you a few projects achieved by us during the current legislative period:


– Energy-efficient renovation of the first part of the primary school «Am Sand»
– Upgrading of the schoolyard
– Modernisation of all playgrounds in the commune
– Renovation of the sanitary facilities and the entrance to the «old» sports hall «Am Sand»
– Renovation of the synthetic football pitch with LED lighting at the Jos Becker Stadium
– Improved lighting and safety adaptations of pedestrian crossings
– Introduction of 30 km/h zones and speed bumps in «Am Sand» and in various streets in the commune
– Introduction of a facility management for our communal buildings
– Start of the construction of the new road service building on the site of the former shooting range in Senningerberg
– Construction of a new drinking water tank in Senningerberg
– Renovation of the Syrdall Heem
– Extension of the CIPA (dementia area and restaurant)
– Building permit for a new police station on the Route de Trèves
– Construction of a bicycle garden in cooperation with the police
– Extension and re-design of the cemeteries in Senningen and Hostert


– Climate Pact 2.0 with 65% certification and signing of the Nature Pact
– Introduction of yellow (glass) and blue (paper) bins and increase in frequency of collection (paper every fortnight and organic every week)
– Extension of Valorlux blue bags
– Taxation of residual waste (grey bins) charged by weight and considering the polluter-pays principle
– Creation of a community garden «Am Sand»
– Support for the creation of a regional energy cooperative
– Bicycle paths to the centre «Am Sand», Roodt-sur-Syre and Munsbach
– Introduction of 4 accompanied walking routes for children to school (Pedibus)
– Installation of charging points for electric cars
– Establishment of 2 VELOH stations «Am Sand»and in Senningerberg «Charly-Station»
– Syrdall electric bus on demand with connection to the Kirchberg hospital
– Renewal of the communal vehicle fleet with partial electrification
– Construction of a new wood gasification plant which heats all buildings «Am Sand» with pellets
– LED lighting on all communal roads
– Introduction of a regional Repaircafé
– Installation of public water fountains in various communal buildings
– Delimitation of public spaces for wildflower meadows (project «Color Up Niederanven!»)


– Livestream of council meetings
– City-App Niederanven
– Facebook and Instagram presence of the commune
– A new visual identity for the commune
– Niedz4kidz – a project where children co-decide what happens in the commune
– Participatory process for the new masterplan «Cité jardin»
– Citizen workshops for the re-design of the village squares in Senningen and Ernster
– Creation of a mediation service
– Hiring of a sports coordinator
– Increase of subsidies for associations
– Reorganisation of the communal technical service into a town planning department as well as a public buildings, environment, mobility, and infrastructure department
– Recruitment of an environmental officer
– Management of the Covid19 pandemic, support vouchers for local shops and restaurants
– Organisation of Télévie 2022
– Launch of a monthly regional market
– Organisation of an “open day” in the town hall.


– Construction of affordable housing near the Hostert church and construction of medical and physiotherapy practices in cooperation with SNHBM
– Approval of the PA P «Haff Peter» in rue Laach with 42 flats, including 16 flats for the elderly
– Approval of the former Peter farmhouse for the development of a literary café, workshops, start-ups, meeting rooms for the Club 50 Plus and the Club Senior Syrdall
– Development of a new PAP «Cité jardin»
– Acquisition of the former Feidtfarm in Ernster for social purposes in cooperation with the Ligue HMC
– Acquisition of the Waldhaff café to open a restaurant
– Construction of housing with SNHBM at Wakelter
– Building permit for 4 more communal rental dwellings on vacant land
– Development of housing for families with refugee status
– Support action and clothing collection point for Ukrainian refugees (Moien@Niederanven)
– Introduction of a language café
– New management for the youth centre
– Extension of the «Am Sand» day care centre
– Introduction of a parents’ forum
– Introduction of a Christmas market
– Development of a project for a medical centre