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Our candidates for the communal elections

Fréd Ternes

36 years, ERNSTER

  • Top candidate
  • Training officer at the National Institute of Education (IFEN)
  • Alderman since 2011
  • Vice President of Syrdall Schwemm
  • Member of Niedz4kidz, of the Commission paritaire of the CIPA and the Youth House
  • Master in business management

Married and father of 2 children


Marc Aguilar

61 years, OBERANVEN

  • CDO-Chief Data Officer at BGL BNP Paribas

  • Mathematics/Physics – Dr. ès. Sciences
  • Boardmember of the 2care2share association
  • Member of the LIONS Esch
Father of 2 children

Jacques Bauer

55 years, RAMELDANGE

  • Lawyer

  • Councillor
  • President of the building committee
  • Member of the CSV District Committee Center
  • Honorary president of the CSV Nidderaanwen
  • Member of the Basketball Association Board of Appeal (FLBB)
  • Member of the Amicale Frënn vun de Nidderaanwener Scouten
Father of 2 children

Metty Cungs

42 years, SENNINGEN

  • Nurse in anesthesia and resuscitation/SAMU/Staff representative at the Robert Schuman Hospital

  • Councillor
  • Chairman of the Generations Commission
  • Member of the Commission paritaire of the Youth House
  • Committee member of the Syrdall Schwemm
  • Vice-president of FC US Hostert
  • Member of the Board of the Robert Schuman Hospitals
  • Member of the Conseil Supérieur de Certaines Professions de Santé
Married and father of 2 children


Véronique Kieffer ép. Peffer

52 years, OBERANVEN

  • Bachelor of tourism sciences

  • Secretary of the CSV section Nidderanwen
  • Secretary of the Chorale Concordia – The Voices
  • Boardmember of the BBC Gréngewald
  • Member of the sports and culture committee
  • President of Télévie Nidderaanwen 2022

Married and mother of 3 children

Caroline Koch

26 years, HOSTERT

  • Substitute for fundamental teaching (Master of German Literature)

  • Member of the Sustainability Committee

  • Chef in the Biber ( Scouts of the Commune Niederanven)

Alex Koob


  • Flight Operations Editor at Cargolux Airlines International S.A.

  • President of the CSV section Nidderanwen
  • Member of the school committee
  • Member of the Commission Paritaire of the Youth House
  • Member of the FC US Hostert Youth Commission

Married and father of 3 children


Martine Kremer ép. Dupong


  • Referendary at the Court of Justice of the European Union (in the cabinet of the Luxembourg judge François Biltgen)

  • Councillor
  • Vice President of the Finance Committee and President of the Rent Committee
  • Member of Niedz4kidz

Married and 2 children

Sandra Nandha


  • Marketing & Office Management at Prime Capital

  • Familylab Trainer, certified educator
  • Boardmember of the parents’ association (APE)
  • Member of Niedz4kidz

Mother of 2 children

Patrick Reding

53 years, RAMELDANGE

  • Director of CIPA Gréngewald

  • Member of the generation committee
  • Member of the Lions Club Roude Léiw (President 2021-2022)
  • President FS2 (Former students from French Switzerland)
  • Member of the parental committee at the Crèche ARCUS in Niederanven

Married and father of 2 children

Marthe Scharfe

36 years, RAMELDANGE

  • Project Manager Sponsoring & Patronage at BGL BNP Paribas

  • Member of the communication platform between the school/Maison Relais/parents and the commune
  • Boardmember of CARE Luxembourg

Married and mother of 2 children


Anne Schumacher

43 years, OBERANVEN

  • Professor at Lycée Technique de Bonnevoie

  • Member of the sports and culture committee

  • Secretary of the syndicat d’initiative (SICN)

Married and mother of 3 children

Michel Theisen

22 years, HOSTERT

  • Student (Bachelor of Science in Education)

  • Member of the sports and culture committee
  • Committee member at Klooterklub Nidderaanwen (KKN)
  • Chef and cashier in the Avex ( Scouts of the Commune Niederanven)