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Letter from our lead candidate

Dear fellow residents,

Our team, consisting of 6 women and 7 men, has been working intensively together for over a year now to prepare ourselves in the best possible way for the challenges ahead.

This has given us time to draw up a comprehensive election programme based on 3 pillars – close to the people, solidarity, and future-oriented. Our election programme outlines our vision for the development of our commune, and this goes beyond the next legislative period.

As in recent years and decades, CSV Niederanven is not defending a policy for the short term, but one that sets the course for the future !

Our dynamic and competent team with different experience and competences and with an average age of 43 years is ready to commit to our commune for the long term. After one year of working together, we can truly say that we are a well-coordinated team with a common vision for our commune, which we developed with our members and fellow citizens during our workshops.

I am also part of this team as its lead candidate. I now have 12 years of experience as an Alderman and can say that I know the different facets of our commune very well.

I think I bring, together with my team, the right mix of experience and dynamism, energy, and commitment to tackle new ideas and projects, and it would be a great honour to lead our commune.

If I become mayor, it will be a full-time job for me, and as I have decided not to run in the national elections in October, I can fully concentrate on our commune.

But nowadays you cannot do this job alone; you need a competent team, a strong administration and engaged residents, associations and businesses that are willing to become involved in order to really move Niederanven forward together.

If you wish to ensure that our programme can be implemented by our team, then put your cross at the top of List 4 of CSV Niederanven on Sunday.

Thank you for your support!

For Team 2023,

Fréd Ternes

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